Fastest by a UK Athlete since 2000

Fastest by a UK Athlete since 2000

 German Racewalking Championships, Andernach, 10 October

London Olympic 2012 competitor Dominic King, clocked 3:59.22 when finishing seventh in the German 50km Championship in Andernach last weekend. His time was the fastest by a Briton since 2000, and puts him inside the British Athletics 4:02 qualification standard for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Aiming for a 3:55 clocking, he only lost time through sickness in the closing kilometres.

We are delighted and have nothing but praise for this long awaited and well-deserved result. Dom and brother Daniel, both mentored by former GB International George Nibre, have been the mainstay of our 50km hopes for many a year now. Imagine the effort and dedication required to keep trying for this level, in the face of family and work commitments, and all far more difficult when compared to the time spent training that an equivalent marathon runner would need. 

 An unsung hero of sport has surely confirmed GB participation in each of the Rio walks next year,  as it will only be a matter of time before Jo Atkinson does the same in the Women’s 20km, although his thoughts are on the matter are expressed here  Dominic plays a waiting game


For the 20km and  50km race walks the first two placed eligible athletes in the relevant Trial event will be automatically nominated for the same event, provided the athlete, by the end of the relevant qualification period, has achieved at least ONE qualification standard.  . . . . The official British 50km Trial will be the IAAF Race Walking Challenge event in Dudinska, Slovak Republic, on 19 March 2016.


Andernach Splits  – 

 23:58, 23:36 (47:34), 23:19 (1:10:53),  23:14 (1:34:07,  23:17 (1:57:24),  23:10 (2:20:34),  23:38 (2:44:13),  24:00 (3:08:13),  24:48 (3:33:02),  26:20 (3:59:22)

  The GB top ten 50km list now looks like this :

1 3:51:37    Chris Maddocks 1 Burrator 28-Oct-90
2 3:57:48    Les Morton 1 Burrator 30-Apr-89
3 3:59:22    Dominic King 7 Andernach, GER 10-Oct-15
4 3:59:55    Paul Blagg 19 Rome, ITA 05-Sep-87
5 4:03:08    Dennis Jackson 8 Madrid, ESP 16-Mar-86
6 4:03:53    Mark Easton 28 Dudince, SVK 25-Apr-98
7 4:04:49    Daniel King 11 Dudince, SVK 29-Mar-08
8 4:06:14    Barry Graham 1 Basildon 20-Apr-85
9 4:07:18    Steve Hollier 28 Eisenhuttenstadt, GER 18-Jun-00
10 4:07:23    Bob Dobson 1 Lassing, AUT 21-Oct-79

           Best wishes to Daniel King  (dq’d at the Andernach event) in his attempt to  do the same !smile emoticon