Reports & Results

Reports & Results
Entries £4 on the day to Yorkshire RWC Sec. Alan Brooks who will allocate you a handicap mark.
Handicap prizes are given for each race with points towards the overall league competition.

Race 4  Kirkby Fleetham,  December 20th

Soup & Roll League Xmas Event 15
Kirkby Fleetham, North Yorks.
Pos MF Race Perf Name   Club AG   Splits
1 1 10km 47:40 Jo Atkinson Middlesbrough & C SEN F 23.34 5km
2 2 10km 57:53 Natalie Myers Sheffield & Dearne SEN F 28.29 5km
3   10km 58:53 Bill McFadden Scotia RWC V50 M 30.00 5km
4   10km 60:19 Dave Evans Lancashire WC V65 M 30.15 5km
5   10km 63:04 Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC V70 M 31.28 5km
6   10km 63:04 Dennis Jackson York CIU V70 M 31.28 5km
7   10km 63:20 Dave Crompton Lancashire WC V50 M 31.48 5km
8   10km 65:53 Trevor Taylor Redcar RWC V65 M 33.08 5km
9   10km 67:36 Mark Byrne Redcar RWC V60 M 33.29 5km
10   10km 68:16 Phil McCullagh Lancashire WC V55 M 34.06 5km
11   10km 70:03 Richard Cole York CIU V60 M 34.43 5km
12   10km 75:23 Dave Jones Redcar RWC V65 M 36.57 5km
13   10km 77:12 Andrew Fraser Scotia RWC V45 M 39.13 5km
1 1 5km 34:12 Pat Evans Lancashire WC V60 F    
2   5km 35:30 Alan Brooks Yorkshire RWC V65 M    
3   5km 39:13 Brandon Connor Yorkshire RWC U20 M    
4 2 5km 46:27 Joan Taylor Redcar RWC V60 F    
1   2km 16:43 Dillon Connor N O V I C E U15 M 8:08 1km
DNF 2km DNF Michelle Atkinson N O V I C E U15 F    
DQ   2km DQ Kasey Barnes N O V I C E U11 F    
DQ   2km DQ Paul Atkinson N O V I C E U13 M    
1   1km 10:36 Asa Barnes N O V I C E U5 M    
2 1 1km 10:36 Marie Connor N O V I C E SEN F    
Chief Judge        Cath McGrath West Cheshire AC        
Judge Linda McDermot Yorkshire RWC        
Judge Michelle Connor Yorkshire RWC        
Timekeeper Trevor McDermot Yorkshire RWC        
Recorder Helen Connor N O V I C E        
Marshal Mark Walsh N O V I C E        
Marshal Karina Hennessy N O V I C E        
Marshal Arthur Wilson N O V I C E        
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Race 3 South Bank, York  November 22nd 

pictured is newly appointed Northern Area Secretary  –  Dick Cole of York CIU
Pos Race Perf Cat Name   Club AG   Pos Pts
Northern Winter League Race 3            
South Bank, York                
1 10km 62:34 B Colin Scott Yorkshire RWC V55 M 4 27
2 10km 63:04 B Neil Armitage Yorkshire RWC V55 M 2 29
3 10km 63:08 B Dave Crompton Lancashire WC V50 M 3 28
4 10km 63:23 B Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC V70 M 1 30
5 10km 64:45 B Dennis Jackson York CIU V70 M 7 24
6 10km 68:29 B Alistair Shand Yorkshire RWC V50 M 6 25
7 10km 68:34 B Phil McCullagh Lancashire WC V55 M 5 26
8 10km 73:12 B Richard Cole York CIU V60 M 8 23
9 6.4km 49:18 B John Paddick Redcar RWC V70 M
Judge Roy Thorpe York CIU        
Judge Ken Munro N. Shields Poly        
Judge Dennis Best Redcar RWC        
Judge Linda McDermot Yorkshire RWC        
Official Trevor McDermot Yorkshire RWC        
Official Alan Brooks Yorkshire RWC        
The Organiser deigned to start proceedings in good fashion and then promptly departed the scene, seemingly for some urgent assignation. Trusted lieutenants, left to do the real work, wondered what his objective could possibly be as they  watched him stop at the corner shop to buy a box of Milk Tray, and then adjust his tuxedo. Rumours that next year will see many battling for the ‘Morag’ Trophy are unfounded, although it may well be sponsored by Scottish Widows.    
In support of the main event there was also a race. With conditions not as cold as expected, Colin Scott made another successful campaign through Border country to plunder first prize, backed up by regular colleague-in-arms Neil Armitage. However none could get close to Russ Jackson in the Handicap.
a further report received  . . . . 

Today was Alan’s big chance but would he take it? Following his chance meeting with Morag on Redcar Stray, he had managed to remain in touch with her with a few text messages. Perhaps it was the memory of the heavy make-up and black fishnets that had maintained his interest, or maybe it was the cougar’s invitation to do more than just chat and drink coffee on the seafront.

As he looked out of his window at the Bradford urban sprawl interrupted only by the high Victorian chimneys of the long closed mills, he decided that this opportunity must not pass him by. He was going to officiate at another walking race so he could easily escape this morning for a few hours without raising suspicions.

He would go to the race in York, get someone to stand in for him and go off to see Morag in Redcar. Sensing that time was precious he quickly left the race walking scene, saying he had an urgent appointment and texted Morag to say he was on the way. His mobile responded immediately. His heart raced uncontrollably. Yes, it was Morag! But what a suggestion! He was now way outside his comfort zone. Would he be able to deliver?


To be continued


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  
Race 2  Redcar November 1st  
1. M Fisher Redcar 59.39 1 30
2. N Myers (L) Sheffield 60.03 2 29
3. R Jackson YRWC 64.14 3 28
4. M Byrne Redcar 69.38 4 27
5. R Cole York CIU 70.51 6 25
6. D Jones Redcar 73.19 5 26
7. K French YRWC 81.29 7 24
1. J Paddick Redcar 38.57
Report from Alan Brooks

An unseasonably warm still day with bright sunshine reflected from a calm sea. A sense of dislocation arose. The Cornish Riviera perhaps; could this really be Redcar? Well, it was! Unfortunately, the pleasant day brought its’ own problems, with the course thronged with strollers, dogs, bicycles, etc. 

Martin Fisher was 1st scratch, 1st handicap, and furthest travelled competitor, as he now lives in Southend. The organiser and timer, unable to leave his station at the turn/finish, employed his fading charms on a lovely Scottish lady, who stopped to chat, and then furnished him with a nice takeaway coffee. Thank you, Morag.

(Following reply to Alan’s report has been received from another official . . . . . . )
Focusing on him from afar, the irresistible 85 year old cougar had him 
well and truly in her sights. A potential toyboy, Alan was unable to 
escape as he was race organiser, time keeper and recorder and couldn't 
leave his post. Feigning an interest in race walking as she approached, 
she encouraged our Alan to outline all his recent conquests. He thought 
he was on the pull but it was actually the nice Scottish Morag who was 
getting him to dance to her tune. 
Would he like some coffee? Of course, 
he would! Soon she returned with the coffee and got back to work on 
poor Alan. 'So you live in Bradford'. 'Don't worry, I can always 
accommodate'. A cracking good chance this, and she would not have to 
pay for that scrawny midnight cowboy who she had booked for later that 
 To be continued . . . . . 


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Race 1 Cleckheaton 11th October

October 11th –  Cleckheaton  –  M70 Masters led by Dennis Jackson impress and easy win for Ana Garcia in 10km debut.
Pos Race Perf Name   Club AG   Splits
1 10km 55:57 Ana Garcia Sheffield & Dearne AC U17 F 27.26 5km
2 10km 60:19 Natalie Myers Sheffield & Dearne AC SEN F 29.55 5km
3 10km 60:52 Colin Scott Yorkshire RWC V55 M 30.23 5km
4 10km 62:01 Graham Jackson York CIU V45 M 30.23 5km
5 10km 63:19 Neil Armitage Leicester WC V55 M 31.28 5km
6 10km 63:25 Dennis Jackson York CIU V70 M 31.27 5km
7 10km 63:41 Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC V70 M 31.37 5km
8 10km 63:52 Dave Crompton Lancashire WC V50 M 32.02 5km
9 10km 67:20 Phil McCullagh Lancashire WC V55 M 33.48 5km
10 10km 67:49 Alistair Shand Yorkshire RWC V50 M 34.02 5km
11 10km 77:22 Mark Byrne Redcar RWC V50 M 38.24 5km
12 10km 79:33 Keith French Yorkshire RWC V70 M 39.21 5km
13 5km 35:25 Alan Brooks Yorkshire RWC V65 M    
Chief Judge       F.Pearce Lancashire WC        
Judge       M. Gallagher England Athletics        
Judge       L. McDermot Yorkshire RWC        
Judge       M. Hague Yorkhire RWC        
Judge       E. Grocock Sheffield & Dearne AC        
Recorder       C. Garcia Sheffield & Dearne AC        
Timekeeper       T. McDermot Yorkshire RWC        
Report from Alan Brooks
For lovers of the ‘sport of kings’ Garcia won at York on Saturday afternoon, at 8/1, carrying a small amount of your correspondent’s hard earned. The following morning, another Garcia, young Ana, also prevailed. I should have had a double! Fittingly, on a course using a walkway laid upon the redundant track of the Bradford to Dewsbury line, she employed a stylish method of locomotion. More experienced competitors, many, sadly, born during the age of steam, puffed along willingly. The organiser’s latest comeback hit the buffers at 5km.  
*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

Final 10km event :

Drighlington Cricket Club near Bradford  BD11 1HG  –  Jan 31st     (7 lap road course)

with Presentation of League individual / team prizes. Best four races to count.