Redcar RWC Open Mark Byrne Promenade Walks inc Soup & Roll League 13

Redcar RWC Open Mark Byrne Promenade Walks inc Soup & Roll League 13

From an original entry of forty there were 29 starters on the sea front promenade course that will be used next August for the 100 Miles. The weather was overcast which probably kept the numbers of general public down.

 Martin Fisher made a welcome return to the area to lead proceedings from the usual stalwarts before a slow-starting Ben Wears eventually assumed control. It was good to see Halesowen’s Julie and Lynn Bellfield make the journey up, besides Colin Vesty, and indeed Ed Shillabeer all the way from Devon on his 76th birthday to take the first Southern walker award. Novice races for the associated Northern Soup & Roll League were also held at 2.5 and 5km for all age groups with the latter won by the host club’s improving Paul Roberts.

Redcar RWC won the team event from Lancashire WC and then York CIU, for whom Graham Jackson took the Handicap award. Indeed there was a very decent prize list on offer thanks to popular Mark Byrne’s generous sponsorship, with most winning something and all involved enjoyed the free hospitality after. Well done to Redcar RWC for this promotion.

A special mention must be made regarding  John Paddick who, having organised this event, is now stepping down from club duties. John has made an enormous impact in Cleveland over the years at the helm of local affairs, achieved a great deal in the service of Race Walking and we wish him every success in the future as he returns to the road.   





Redcar RWC Open  MARK BYRNE PROMENADE  10km                                                                                                           + Northern Soup & Roll League Event 13    –   Redcar, 2nd August 2015
POS. Name Club 2.5km 5km 7.5km TIME EVENT CAT POS.
1st Ben Wears Redcar RWC 15.56 29.59 44.44 59:06 Sen.  Men 10km 1 1st
2nd Martin Fisher Redcar RWC 14.50 29.59 45.12 60:19 V50 Men 10km 2 2nd
3rd Tony Bell Lancashire WC 15.14 30.20 45.43 60:47 V50 Men 10km 3 3rd
4th Graham Jackson York C I U 15.14 30.20 45.42 61:04 V45 Men 10km 4 4th
5th Colin Vesty Leicester WC 14.51 30.30 46.50 63:23 V50 Men 10km 5 5th
6th Dave Evans Lancashire WC 15.02 31.03 47.31 64:03 V65 Men 10km 6 6th
7th Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC 16.06 32.02 48.19 64:36 V70 Men 10km 7 7th
8th Trevor Taylor Redcar RWC 15.52 32.20 48.55 65:27 V65 Men 10km 8 8th
9th Edmund Shillabeer Ilford AC 15.57 32.31 49.07 65:37 V75 Men 10km 9 9th
10th Mark Byrne Redcar RWC 16.37 33.14 49.57 66:52 V50 Men 10km 10 10th
11th Julie Bellfield Halesowen ACC 16.23 33.06 50.08 67:06 V45 Women 10km 1 11th
12th Pat Evans Lancashire WC 16.46 33.46 50.49 67:56 V60 Women 10km 2 12th
13th Dick Cole York C I U 16.59 33.50 52.02 70:50 V70 Men 10km 11 13th
14th Dave Jones Redcar RWC 17.52 36.31 55.26 74:34 V65 Men 10km 12 14th
15th Keith French Yorkshire RWC 19.07 39.10 59.30 80:07 V70 Men 10km 13 15th
16th Peter Braney Billingham MHH 21.12 42.18 62.56 84:09 V65 Men 10km 14 16th
1st Paul Roberts Redcar RWC 14.59     30:25 Sen.  Men 5km 1 1st
2nd Angela-Maria Paddick Redcar RWC 16.17     32:56 V35 Women 5km 1 2nd
3rd Lynn Bellfield Halesowen ACC 17.35     35:34 V45 Women 5km 2 3rd
4th Dillon Connor    age 14 Nottingham 18.51     37:33 U15 Novice M 5km 1 4th
5th John Paddick Redcar RWC 19.04     38:26 V70 Men 5km 2 5th
6th Joan Taylor Redcar RWC 21.58     45:55 V65 Women 5km 3 6th
7th Mike Nicholson Cleethorpes AC 24.45     49:11 V65 Men 5km 3 7th
1st Paul Atkinson    age 11 Leeds       18:51 U15 Novice M 2.5km 1 1st
2nd Kasey Barnes       age 9 Nottingham       20:28 U15 Novice  F 2.5km 1 2nd
3rd Marie Connor Nottingham       27:48 Sen Novice  F 2.5km 1 3rd
4th Asa Barnes           age 3 Nottingham       27:48 U15 Novice M 2.5km 2 4th
T E A M  Points   POS.
Redcar RWC 11   1st
Lancashire WC 21   2nd
York C I U 34   3rd
Yorkshire RWC 39   4th
Redcar RWC (B) 41   5th
FIRST SOUTHERN WALKER    –   Ed Shillabeer    
Graham Jackson 12:00 49:04 1st
Trevor Taylor 16:00 49:27 2nd
Dave Evans 12:00 52:03 3rd
Colin Vesty 10:00 53:23 4th
Dick Cole 17:00 53:50 5th
Keith French 26:00 54:07 6th
Dave Jones 18:00 56:34 7th