Our condolences go the families of two notable Clubmen who have recently passed away.

Our condolences go the families of two notable Clubmen who have recently passed away.

Pictured is Steve Tyas, former member of Yorkshire RWC. 

The very moving piece following has been kindly worded by Club Secretary Alan Brooks.


Stephen Tyas – an affectionate tribute
Many will be saddened to hear of the death, from Cancer, of Steve Tyas, at the distressingly early
age of 62.
Save for a couple of years in the late 70’s, when he joined York CIU walking Club, Steve was a member of Yorkshire Race Walking Club for more than 40 years, first joining in 1973, his first race being a club 10km champs at Marley Stadium, Keighley. Within a short time he developed into the the fastest club walker over the shorter distances, with the exception of UK International Michael Holmes, who was still with club at that time. 
Steve was capable of times in the region of 53 minutes for seven miles (then more recognised than the later 10km). That this natural speed did not always translate into similar standards at 20km, and above, was due to Steve’s Achilles heel; an utter lack of pace judgement. He simply did not know how fast he was going. He either felt good, and was going very fast, or he didn’t, and then he wasn’t! The same “all or nothing” approach was evident in his training; Steve was either turning out five times a week, or not at all!
Unsurprisingly this personal trait did not make for consistency, and some excellent performances were interspersed with the occasional “disaster” where lesser walkers, myself and others, lacking his talent, were able to pass him in the final stages. Nonetheless, he did manage to complete the I.O.M “TT” race (38 miles), and the Manchester to Blackpool (53 miles), the latter affording an occasion he was never allowed to forget, where Steve had slowed to such a degree that, just before Blackpool promenade, he was overtaken by a woman pushing a pram! This was often mentioned in conjunction with a few pints, and Steve laughed as long, and as hard, as anybody.
Lest such remembrances detract from his true ability, here was a man who was capable of a 4hr 46min Bradford 50km, albeit by the novel method of blasting through 20 miles in a personal best, then gritting it out to the line in Peel Park.
In later years, we were training partners, and we shared the same vanities: we glanced in shop windows in passing to check we looked good ( not lately, but at least in the days when we thought we looked good ), and I knew, when entering the outskirts of Holmfirth, that Steve would speed up to impress the oblivious crowd of shoppers. He always denied it, but he didn’t fool me.
He was a man of few pretensions, a cheerful outlook, and no malice whatever towards his fellow
man. He was my mate, and I will miss him.
Steve leaves Wife Mavis, Daughter Rachel, and Grandson Ethan, whose loss is immeasurably greater than mine.
Alan Brooks

John Errington

The death on 14th June, after a long illness, is also reported of Centurion 693 – popular John Errington, 76, of York Postal Walking Club. His club were once big players in distance walking, and in their colours he completed the 1980 Leicester Walking Club/Congerstone 100 Miles in 20:20:58. When York Postal won the team race at the 1985 British Telecom 24 Hours at Colchester Garrison Track, the their winning team were closed-in by him. John was one of The Centurions’ keenest members, rarely missing functions or AGMs. Wherever held, he’d always arrive immaculately dressed with collar and tie + shining badge in a lapel button hole. He enjoyed the atmosphere and camaraderie of Post Office-in-Uniform races, which were then held in various parts of the British Isles.

 On start lines his smartly pressed uniform, collar, tie & cap stood out! John attended the House of Commons for our memorable Centurions Centenary Dinner. At The Centurions 2013 AGM at the Union Jack Club saw John rise to tell the gathering he had terminal cancer and firmly predict he wouldn’t be around by the time of the next AGM. Fortune proved John’s prediction erroneous; as he was still with us (though not fit enough to travel) when the AGMs were held in 2014 (Birmingham) & 2015 (Southwark). A sad loss of a truly popular and active member who’ll be much missed by The Centurions, York Postal WC & the Post Office. 

The funeral service at York Crematorium was well attended, John leaves behind a widow Phyllis and daughter Louise.