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Events - News - Results

Xmas Race   –   Sunday December 20th  –  Kirkby Fleetham 

pictured are Sheffield’s Natalie Myers (above)  Jo Atkinson and Bill McFadden (below)

A good showing by Lancashire WC at last Sunday’s combined Soup & Roll / Northern Winter League race, with their Masters too strong for Redcar and Yorkshire clubs in the overall team race.

The rolling country lanes around Kirkby Fleetham had large areas of mud and puddles to negotiate on the race circuit  following recent storms. We were delighted to see Jo Atkinson powering through halfway in 23:34 after a heavy training week and winter niggles to come home a clear winner. This is a big year for our experienced International and all are supportive of her Rio ambitions.

Natalie Myers showed great commitment and also walked completely on her own to a welcome PB.  Bill McFadden travelled all the way from Scotland with Andrew Fraser and had his usual strong race. All 23 walkers performed creditably on a blustery day with welcome blue sky. Races were held from 1km to 10km.

Competitor feedback for this Xmas event was very positive. It was great to host the Jackson and Myers clans besides our usual regulars for the Soup & Roll lunch, followed by wrapped gifts presented by Jo, including an official’s spot prize won by Chief Judge Cath McGrath who had travelled from Wales.

Many thanks to everyone  involved for their participation. We wish all a very Happy Christmas and prosperous 2016. 




Soup & Roll League Xmas Event 15
Kirkby Fleetham, North Yorks.
Pos MF Race Perf Name   Club AG   Pts Splits
1 1 10km 47:40 Jo Atkinson Middlesboro & Cleveland SEN F 28.5 23.34 5km
2 2 10km 57:53 Natalie Myers Sheffield &Dearne SEN F 22.5 28.29 5km
3   10km 58:53 Bill McFadden Scotia RWC V50 M 20.5 30.00 5km
4   10km 60:19 Dave Evans Lancs WC V65 M 19.5 30.15 5km
5   10km 63:04 Russ Jackson Yorks RWC V70 M 18.5 31.28 5km
6   10km 63:04 Dennis Jackson York CIU V70 M 18.5 31.28 5km
7   10km 63:20 Dave Crompton Lancs WC V50 M 18.5 31.48 5km
8   10km 65:53 Trevor Taylor Redcar RWC V65 M 17.5 33.08 5km
9   10km 67:36 Mark Byrne Redcar RWC V60 M 17 33.29 5km
10   10km 68:16 Phil McCullagh Lancashire WC V55 M 16.5 34.06 5km
11   10km 70:03 Richard Cole York CIU V60 M 16 34.43 5km
12   10km 75:23 Dave Jones Redcar RWC V65 M 14.5 36.57 5km
13   10km 77:12 Andrew Fraser Scotia RWC V45 M 14 39.13 5km
1 1 5km 34:12 Pat Evans Lancs WC V60 F 17    
2   5km 35:30 Alan Brooks Yorks RWC V65 M 15    
3   5km 39:13 Brandon Connor Yorkse RWC U20 M 13    
4 2 5km 46:27 Joan Taylor Redcar RWC V60 F 11    
1   2km 16:43 Dillon Connor N O V I C E U15 M 11 8:08 1km
DNF 2km DNF Michelle Atkinson N O V I C E U15 F 1    
DQ   2km DQ Kasey Barnes N O V I C E U11 F 1    
DQ   2km DQ Paul Atkinson N O V I C E U13 M 1    
1   1km 10:36 Asa Barnes N O V I C E U5 M 7.5    
2 1 1km 10:36 Marie Connor N O V I C E SEN F 8    
1           Lancashire WC     71.5    
2           Redcar RWC     60.0    
3           Yorkshire RWC     49.5    
4           Scotia RWC     34.5    
5           York CIU     34.5    
6           N O V I C E S     32.0    
7           Middlesboro C     28.5    
8           Sheffield & D     22.5    
9           W CheshireAC     1.0    
Chief Judge        Cath McGrath West Cheshire AC     1    
Judge Linda McDermot Yorkshire RWC     1    
Judge Michelle Connor Yorkshire RWC     1    
Timekeeper Trevor McDermot Yorkshire RWC     1    
Recorder Helen Connor N O V I C E     1    
Marshal Mark Walsh N O V I C E     1    
Marshal Karina Hennessy N O V I C E     1    
Marshal Arthur Wilson N O V I C E     1    

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *



YRWC Open Walks inc Soup & Roll League 14 – Culgaith 15th November 2015


Although very wet and windy up to the start of the event, conditions were suprisingly mild if a little damp, and with some minor flooding on the course. Local man Dave Evans took the Mens race, with good support from Lancs WC, and with wife Pat having the best performance overall. It was great  to see so many newcomers trying the 10km walk for the first time. Mike Bell and Debbie Thompson went very well here and deservedly achieved their Novices prizes.

Forty participants in total, from ages 4 to 82, equally balanced out by walkers and runners who were started and timed separately, and all children were awarded Soup & Roll medals. 

Many thanks to Paul Saager, young Jamie, little Iris, and the familiar Eden Runners for again adding numbers and atmosphere to the promotion, and for whom 11 year old Martha Richards won extra awards due to her 13:27 in the 2 Miles and previous results.  We are especially grateful to Cath McGrath who came all the way from Wales to Chief Judge, monitor proceedings on her bike,  see the last competitors home, and for presenting the prizes. And also to ever-dependable Mark Byrne for making the trip from Sheffield. As usual plenty of soup, food and refreshments afterwards for all.

We always enjoy hosting at this scenic Cumbrian village and on the quiet country lanes that surround it.  Next date for this venue will be Sunday March 27th next year, meanwhile the next Soup & Roll promotion is on Sunday December 20th   –  a  joint pre-Xmas 5/10/15km event at Kirby Fleetham, North Yorks, including  2km for kids.




Yorkshire RWC Open Walks inc Soup & Roll League 14
Culgaith,  Cumbria
Pos Race Perf Pts Name Club AG Cat
1 10km 66:32 17 Dave Evans Lancashire WC V65 1 M
2 10km 68:26 16 Mark Byrne Redcar RWC V50 2 M
3 10km 68:34 16 Phil McCullagh Lancashire WC V55 3 M
4 10km 69:36 18 Pat Evans Lancashire WC V60 1 F
5 10km 72:43 17 Irene Pike Lancashire WC V60 2 F
6 10km 72:43 15 Ian Hilditch Lancashire WC V70 4 M
7 10km 75:00 14 Mike Bell Eden R Sen 5 M
8 10km 79:07 14 Debbie Thompson Sleagill Sen 3 F
9 10km 79:07 13 John Payn Lancashire WC V80 6 M
10 10km 85:11 12 Stuart Ellar Culgaith Sen 7 M
11 10km 85:11 13 Amy Peacock Culgaith Sen 4 F
12 10km 89:20 12 Alison Naylor Eden R Sen 5 F
13 10km 95:12 11 Sally Spence Eden R Sen 6 F
14 10km 95:12 10 Alan Marshall Eden R Sen 8 M
1 2M 24:45 12 Paul Saager Eden R Sen 1 M
2 2M 42:10 4 Charlie Hall Culgaith age 5 1 M
3 2M 43:04 5 Isabella Hall Culgaith age 4 1 F
4 2M 43:04 4 Linette Hall Culgaith Sen 1 F
5 2M 43:04 4 David Naylor Culgaith Sen 2 M
Chief Judge   1 C. McGrath West Cheshire AC    
Judge   1 L. McDermot Yorkshire RWC    
Judge   1 T. McDermot Yorkshire RWC    
Marshal   1 M. Walsh Leeds      
Marshal   1 K.Hennessy Pontefract      
Helper   1 F.Payn   Lancashire WC      
Soup & Roll League 14  RUN
Pos Race Perf Pts Name Club AG Cat
1 10km 48:26 12 Tony Lowery Eden R Sen 1 M
2 10km 49:05 13 Kate Turner Melmerby Sen 2 F
3 10km 50:20 12 Simon Dodd Renwick Sen 3 M
4 10km 51:35 11 David Peacock Eden R Sen 1 M
5 10km 51:47 12 Julia King Eden R Sen 2 F
6 10km 52:55 12 Patrick Hall Culgaith Sen 4 M
7 10km 55:16 11 Gill Silson Eden R Sen 5 F
8 10km 63:02 9 Shaun Silson Eden R Sen 3 M
9 10km 64:21 10 Kathleen Taylor Eden R Sen 6 F
10 10km 76:53 8 Anne Blues Eden R Sen 7 F
11 10km 76:53 8 Pauline Elliott Culgaith Sen 4 F
12 10km 79:40 7 Diane Peacock Eden R Sen 5 F
1 2M 13:27 17 Martha  Richards Eden R U15 1 F
2 2M 24:10 7 Iris Turner Melmerby age 6 2 F
3 2M 24:10 7 Jamie Taylor Melmerby U15 1 M





Soup & Roll League 13,  Redcar 2nd August 2015




From an original entry of forty there were 29 starters on the sea front promenade course that will be used next August for the 100 Miles. The weather was overcast which probably kept the numbers of general public down.

 Martin Fisher made a welcome return to the area to lead proceedings from the usual stalwarts before a slow-starting Ben Wears eventually assumed control. It was good to see Halesowen’s Julie and Lynn Bellfield make the journey up, besides Colin Vesty, and indeed Ed Shillabeer all the way from Devon on his 76th birthday to take the first Southern walker award. Novice races for the associated Northern Soup & Roll League were also held at 2.5 and 5km for all age groups with the latter won by the host club’s improving Paul Roberts.

Redcar RWC won the team event from Lancashire WC and then York CIU, for whom Graham Jackson took the Handicap award. Indeed there was a very decent prize list on offer thanks to popular Mark Byrne’s generous sponsorship, with most winning something and all involved enjoyed the free hospitality after. Well done to Redcar RWC for this promotion.

A special mention must be made regarding  John Paddick who, having organised this event, is now stepping down from club duties. John has made an enormous impact in Cleveland over the years at the helm of local affairs, achieved a great deal in the service of Race Walking and we wish him every success in the future as he returns to the road.   


Redcar RWC Open  Mark Byrne Promenade Walks
+ Northern Soup & Roll League Event 13    –   Redcar, 2nd August 2015
POS. Name Club 2.5km 5km 7.5km TIME EVENT CAT POS.
1st Ben Wears Redcar RWC 15.56 29.59 44.44 59:06 Sen.  Men 10km 1 1st
2nd Martin Fisher Redcar RWC 14.50 29.59 45.12 60:19 V50 Men 10km 2 2nd
3rd Tony Bell Lancashire WC 15.14 30.20 45.43 60:47 V50 Men 10km 3 3rd
4th Graham Jackson York C I U 15.14 30.20 45.42 61:04 V45 Men 10km 4 4th
5th Colin Vesty Leicester WC 14.51 30.30 46.50 63:23 V50 Men 10km 5 5th
6th Dave Evans Lancashire WC 15.02 31.03 47.31 64:03 V65 Men 10km 6 6th
7th Russ Jackson Yorkshire RWC 16.06 32.02 48.19 64:36 V70 Men 10km 7 7th
8th Trevor Taylor Redcar RWC 15.52 32.20 48.55 65:27 V65 Men 10km 8 8th
9th Edmund Shillabeer Ilford AC 15.57 32.31 49.07 65:37 V75 Men 10km 9 9th
10th Mark Byrne Redcar RWC 16.37 33.14 49.57 66:52 V50 Men 10km 10 10th
11th Julie Bellfield Halesowen ACC 16.23 33.06 50.08 67:06 V45 Women 10km 1 11th
12th Pat Evans Lancashire WC 16.46 33.46 50.49 67:56 V60 Women 10km 2 12th
13th Dick Cole York C I U 16.59 33.50 52.02 70:50 V70 Men 10km 11 13th
14th Dave Jones Redcar RWC 17.52 36.31 55.26 74:34 V65 Men 10km 12 14th
15th Keith French Yorkshire RWC 19.07 39.10 59.30 80:07 V70 Men 10km 13 15th
16th Peter Braney Billingham MHH 21.12 42.18 62.56 84:09 V65 Men 10km 14 16th
1st Paul Roberts Redcar RWC 14.59     30:25 Sen.  Men 5km 1 1st
2nd Angela-Maria Paddick Redcar RWC 16.17     32:56 V35 Women 5km 1 2nd
3rd Lynn Bellfield Halesowen ACC 17.35     35:34 V45 Women 5km 2 3rd
4th Dillon Connor    age 14 Nottingham 18.51     37:33 U15 Novice M 5km 1 4th
5th John Paddick Redcar RWC 19.04     38:26 V70 Men 5km 2 5th
6th Joan Taylor Redcar RWC 21.58     45:55 V65 Women 5km 3 6th
7th Mike Nicholson Cleethorpes AC 24.45     49:11 V65 Men 5km 3 7th
1st Paul Atkinson    age 11 Leeds       18:51 U15 Novice M 2.5km 1 1st
2nd Kasey Barnes       age 9 Nottingham       20:28 U15 Novice  F 2.5km 1 2nd
3rd Marie Connor Nottingham       27:48 Sen Novice  F 2.5km 1 3rd
4th Asa Barnes           age 3 Nottingham       27:48 U15 Novice M 2.5km 2 4th
T E A M  Points   POS.
Redcar RWC 11   1st
Lancashire WC 21   2nd
York C I U 34   3rd
Yorkshire RWC 39   4th
Redcar RWC (B) 41   5th
FIRST SOUTHERN WALKER    –   Ed Shillabeer    
Graham Jackson 12:00 49:04 1st
Trevor Taylor 16:00 49:27 2nd
Dave Evans 12:00 52:03 3rd
Colin Vesty 10:00 53:23 4th
Dick Cole 17:00 53:50 5th
Keith French 26:00 54:07 6th
Dave Jones 18:00 56:34 7th


Soup & Roll Leage 12      –   Kirkby Fleetham,  24th May 2015

Soup & Roll Leage 12      -   Kirkby Fleetham,  24th May 2015

Pictured is our youngest ever prize winner, one year-old Harry Richards with mum Jane who pushed the buggy !

Open 50km, Open 35km inc. Northern Area Champs – Soup & Roll League Event 12 (5/10/15 and 20km walks) also 5+ 10km Runs and Primary Schools Athletics on the Village Green featuring a 600m Race Walk.





It may have been merely a good tempo session for Rhydian Cowley (AUS/Glenhuntly AC) and our Junior International Cameron Curbishley (Medway & M), but for children living in the scenic village of Kirkby Fleetham in Yorkshire it was very exciting to witness for the first time actually how fast an athlete could walk.

With Cameron stepping off the circuit at 15km (72:48) Rhydian continued for another lap to record 96:24 at 20km and take first place in the Soup & Roll League Event 12. Consistent Brenda Gannon (IRE/Hyde Park H) won the 10km in 54:45 and Under 15 Pagen Spooner (Wetherby Runners) the 5km on her debut (30:00).

Good support from Redcar RWC here with six in the first eight, including newcomer Emma Hughes,  awarded a special prize as first Novice in 38:30. We welcome Emma to Race Walking and wish her the very best for future development. Ten novices in all raced on the 5km circuit that, although not hilly, is not entirely flat either.

Special mention must be made of Sheffield’s Edwin Grocock who recently celebrated his 90th birthday and finished a wonderful 10th in the 5km in 42:35. Awards were also made to Parent/Child teams. Jane Richards (wife of Dr. Ian) pushing our youngest ever prize winner Harry in the buggy ahead of Anji and young Mila Taylor-Hanlon, the latter were full of enthusiasm and contributed greatly to the day.

On a mildish Spring morning, Adrian Edwards took an early lead in the 35km race with Scotia’s Bill McFadden impressing with his technique in second. Greg Smith actually started 60 mins later with the shorter events but would have been a clear third at this point. By 15km Leicester’s Colin Vesty was slightly ahead of Smith with Dave Evans hanging on and Dave Crompton getting the better of his race-long battle with Graham Jackson. Behind, Mark Byrne was starting to suffer which gave encouragement to Phil McCullagh making his first attempt at the distance.

At 25km Edwards had extended his margin over McFadden, the other positions were close together except that Evans was losing ground. Smith called it a day at 30km and McCullagh had overtaken Byrne. McFadden now produced a 32.24 last lap to close the gap on a tiring Edwards to just over a minute. Vesty, affected by asthma, managed to hang on to third from Jackson walking at his fastest of the whole race, with Crompton not far away. The other positions remained the same.

With Vesty unable to continue it was York CIU’s Graham Jackson who strode on to the 50km win in 5:51:58, so soon after his April performance at the Sara Killey. Graham was noticeably stricken with cramp before the finish but received a warm reception by the crowd on his victory lap in the sun around the Green, ending with a big smile on his face. He had certainly walked solidly throughout and with good pace judgement.

Congratulations to Adrian for his 35km win and in retaining his Northern crown, also leading Lancashire WC to team victory again with the two Dave’s.  Great support from them on this traditional ‘Bradford’ weekend, in the Soup & Roll League races too, and with other essential roles.

Chief Judge was John Paddick, helped by Russ Jackson, Dave Jones, John Payn and Michael Hague. It is a pity that the 50km could not be promoted as a combined Category A/B race on this occasion as was originally intended but we certainly expect this to happen next year. It is planned that the judging panel decide each competitor’s category during the race via information sent in on their cards, and with the use of two DQ boards informing all. ‘A’ category finishers to take precedence over ‘B’, irrespective of times. 

Graham Jackson’s walking was certainly worthy of an ‘A’ grade performance, and the same can safely be said of the first three in the 35km. All competitors received individual prizes – made up baskets of local Yorkshire farm produce – besides the usual Area awards.

The Under 12’s 600m on the village green was admirably controlled by our overall Race Referee Sean Pender. He gave a full instruction, followed by a couple of practice laps on the laid out 200m circuit. The race was stopped after one lap for further explanation before being re-timed for the remaining distance. This was a sensible and practical introduction to our discipline for this age group. Sean also supervised the following Shot Put, 200m Run, Long Jump, Relay events, and then the kids organised various egg+ spoon/ 3-legged / sack races themselves.  Overall a decent introduction to Athletics (via Race Walking) with medals for all on a podium.

Contacts are now made among School staff and parents and after the big leaflet campaign beforehand we hope to build a small Primary Schools League in the North Yorkshire region.    

A challenging but rewarding event for the promoters, with over 60 participants and many novices, no sponsorship and a good number of prizes and plenty of free Yorkshire hospitality (!) including lunch and late afternoon buffet. We thank all involved  –  walkers (a few runners too) and continually multi-tasking officials  –  who contributed so much to the day. The local Village committee are also most helpful and welcoming.

 In particular the sincere thanks of Yorkshire RWC go to Rhydian, Cameron, and to Andi Drake and his international crew from the Leeds set-up for once again supporting and inspiring these promotions. At the end of a long day children could be seen practising race walking on their own and no better compliment can be paid than that.


Soup & Roll League 11 – Culgaith – 29th March 2015

Soup & Roll League 11 - Culgaith - 29th March 2015

Soup & Roll League 10 –  Ewden Reservoir  –   22nd February 2015

Soup & Roll League 10 -  Ewden Reservoir  -   22nd February 2015

A small but select attendance for our first league visit to South Yorkshire, unfortunately Snake Pass was closed which meant the late withdrawal of some Lancs entrants. The rain held off and the reservoir circuit was well surfaced.


City of Sheffield AC youngsters led the field home with:

Ana Garcia 28.05 and Alana Zeidler 29.52 in the 5km (both U15)

Over one lap (2.5km) Molly Meleady-Hanley (U13) 15.55

Well done to the respective Mums, Dads & family members for giving it a go.

Looking forward to the next event of 2mile & 10km at Culgaith (Nr Penrith) March 29th




Soup & Roll League 8  –  Kirkby Fleetham  –  December 7th  2014

Soup & Roll League 8  -  Kirkby Fleetham  -  December 7th  2014

We were  most heartened by support of the Leeds Beckett University walkers , making time for this within their winter training programmes and providing some top end quality at this joint fixture with the Winter League.  Thanks to Andi Drake and Sam Dooley, and friends,  trust you all enjoyed the hospitality ! 
Tom Bosworth was out on his own on the wet and windy circuit (which also saw sun, rain and some snow), he also kindly brought along a signed GB vest for us and provided feedback on the 5km course.
Tony Taylor and Lancs WC were very welcome visitors as most were racing for the second time this weekend. Pictured is 75 year old local resident and keen walker Val Mitchell who enjoyed the experience immensely. The international presence included two ladies who were press-ganged into taking part ! All novices were given prizes and certificates. 
Next promotions :-
Sunday January 4th  –  Dalton, N.Yorks
Sunday February 22nd  –  in South Yorkshire
10 km Result  (5km split)
1. Tom Bosworth Tonbridge AC  –  46.44 (23.47)
2. Tony Bell  –  Lancashire WC  –  61.32 (30.26)
3. Dennis Jackson  –  York CIU  –  62.04 (30.29)
4. Russ Jackson  –  Yorkshire RWC  –  63.05  (31.37)
5. Dave Crompton  Lancs WC  –  63.11 (31.54)
6. Graham Jackson   York CIU  –  63.40  (31.38)
7. Mark Byrne  –  Redcar RWC  –  68.02 (33.41)
8. Ee Yu Jin  –  Yorkshire RWC / MALAYSIA  –  72.36  (38.00)
9. John Grayson  –  York CIU  –  77.22 (37.30)
Winner of Handicap  –  RUSS JACKSON
5 km Result
1. Ester Montaner Novellon  –  Hyde Park H / SPAIN  –  26.28
2. Ellie Dooley  –  HPH – 27.04
3. Jasmine Nicholls  –  Leicester WC  –  27.18
4. Tony Taylor  –  Lancashire WC  –  27.24
5. Dave Evans  –  Lancs WC  –  29.02
6. Pat Evans  –  Lancs WC  –  33.24
7. Val Mitchell –  unattach  –  40.22
also walked 
Paul Atkinson, Michelle Connor,Arthur Wilson, Michelle Ong and Fhgia Gim. – NOVICES




Village Walks League 2mile & 10km Culgaith 16th November 2014

Village Walks League 2mile & 10km Culgaith 16th November 2014

Very foggy early morning cleared up for the racing.

Over 60 participents (including a group of hikers who joined).

2mile and 10km walk/run events brought out families, friends & neighbours with youngsters from age 3 upwards (Isabella age 3 pictured) who all helped in making this event yet another Culgaith success. 

Results here


Village Walks League 5/10km Ingram Northumberland 21st September 2014

Village Walks League 5/10km Ingram Northumberland 21st September 2014

Thank you to our lovely regulars for supporting this morning’s event. The 5 /10km circuits were most scenic, with wide and well-surfaced roads, a babbling Cheviots stream alongside and virtually no traffic. Judges and officials supplied by Northern Area RWA. We are now halfway through our programme of Monthly events and following are the top 50 overall Race Walking positions :- Name/Category/Village/Club/ . . . .Points Overall

1 Marion Fawkes F Ingram Redcar R W C 76
2 Dave Evans M Culgaith Lancashire W C 75
3 Pat Evans F Culgaith Lancashire W C 71
4 Paul Atkinson U15B Dalton NOVICE 52
5 Mark Byrne M t b a Redcar R W C 47
6 John Grayson M Thornton-le-Clay York C I U 42
7 Michelle Atkinson U15G Dalton NOVICE 32
8 Michelle Connor F Dalton NOVICE 31
9 Keith French M t b a Yorkshire R W C 30
10 Trevor Taylor M Marske Redcar R W C 29
11 Jonathan Hobbs M SOUTH Ashford A C 25
12 Arthur Wilson M Dalton NOVICE 24
13 Adrian Edwards M t b a Lancashire W C 23
14 Andrew Fraser M SCOTLAND Scotia Race Walkers 23
15 Steve Allen M SOUTH Barnet + Dist AC 23
16 Greg Smith M t b a Lancashire W C 22
17 Dave Crompton M t b a Lancashire W C 22
18 Bill McFadden M SCOTLAND Scotia Race Walkers 22
19 Edwin Grocock M t b a ex-Sheffield U H 22
20 Joan Taylor F Marske Redcar R W C 21
21 Sean Pender M SOUTH Enfield + H AC 21
22 Tony Taylor M INTERNATIONAL Lancashire W C 20
23 John Softley M SCOTLAND Scotia Race Walkers 20
24 Dale Manson M Dalton NOVICE 20
25 Graham Jackson M t b a York C I U 18
26 Laurayne Readman F Marske Redcar R W C 17
27 Brandon Connor M Dalton NOVICE 17
28 Rachel Parker F Dalton NOVICE 15
29 Dudrun Ravetz F Culgaith NOVICE 15
30 Graham Readman M Marske Redcar R W C 15
31 Sharon Gayter F t b a North York Moors AC 15
32 Max Parker M Dalton NOVICE 14
33 Paul Parker M Dalton NOVICE 14
34 John Paddick M Marske Redcar R W C 14
35 Dillon Connor U15B Dalton NOVICE 14
36 Ashley Connor F Dalton NOVICE 14
37 Martha Richards U15G Culgaith NOVICE 13
38 Roy Thorpe M Thornton-le-Clay ex-Sheffield UH 13
39 Ian Donaldson M SCOTLAND Scotia Race Walkers 13
40 Pauline Elliott F Culgaith NOVICE 11
41 Shaun McNicholl M Culgaith NOVICE 11
42 Peter Curry M Culgaith NOVICE 11
43 Alison Naylor F Culgaith NOVICE 11
44 Lynette Hall F Culgaith NOVICE 11
45 Christine Ravetz F Culgaith NOVICE 11
46 Caleb Render U15B Dalton NOVICE 11
47 Patrick Hall M Culgaith NOVICE 10
48 Steven Winter M Marske Redcar R W C 10
49 Eric Crompton M t b a Lancashire W C 10
50 Fiona Parker F Dalton NOVICE 10



Village Walks League 5km/10km Kirkby Fleetham 17th August 2014

Village Walks League 5km/10km Kirkby Fleetham 17th August 2014

A brand new venue for our fifth event this year, and one that has great potential for the future. The original plan was for this fixture to be held in Cleveland but difficulty in finding a suitable location meant that we chose another as close as possible. This circuit gives almost an exact and flat 5km with a lap of the spacious village green included at the end. 

Thanks are due to our diehard supporters for their continued support on a pleasant day and to Mike Nicholson in particular who travelled up from Hull.



Results and General Score Table


Village Walks League Dalton 6th July 2014

Village Walks League Dalton 6th July 2014

Village Walks League number 4 saw a very encouraging 19 entrants including 7 novices. 

The winners of the race, novice walker (and his first race) Brandon Connor (pictured) completed the course in an excellent 33mins 19 secs. and was dead heat with Pat Evans from Lancs WC. 

The  Parker family from Dalton were a credit to their Village and all 4 members turned out to complete the course. Rachel, Max and Paul in particular had some very good times and we would love to see the whole family again at our next Dalton event in October.

Certificates were awarded to all novices on the day by our very own staunch supporter of the Village Walks League, and World Record Champion, Marion Fawkes. 

All in all a great day for walking.

Northern Area 35km  Championship and Open was also held on the same day.




Village Walks League Hamsterley, Durham 25th May 2014

Village Walks League Hamsterley, Durham 25th May 2014

Tony Taylor writes :   –

 Thanks to all for a proper Northern welcome to a beautiful, if slightly [!] undulating Hamsterley. Simply to encourage folk to support the Village Walks venture, which is immaculately organised . Trevor and Linda are in for the long haul, knowing that drawing people to the sport is no easy matter. Great to see Marion and Peter Fawkes after decades. However be warned, treat with caution Trevor’s topographic interpretations and exaggerations. He claimed the course was more or less flat because we started and finished in the same place and alleged that some of us were responsible for uproar about the course. Uproar! We, prima donnas, could hardly utter a word at the breathless finish. Will be back wearing the vest of my Cretan village, Γαβαλοχώρι.The next event at Dalton will be brilliant. Be there. Best Wishes.


Village Walks League Culgaith, Cumbria 4th May 2014

Village Walks League Culgaith, Cumbria 4th May 2014

Event Number Two of the NARWA sponsored 5km Village Walks League .. . . . . Over FORTY attended , enjoyed free entry with soup/buttered rolls as a thank you from us . . . . . A DOZEN new outside supporters to our events . . . . . . . EIGHTEEN NEW WALKERS . . . . . . .+ eleven runners who will all be personally invited back to try race/power/saluzzzo/fitness walking next time . . . . . . . . . . call it what you will. . . . . . . . . . .but it’s extremely healthy and we have our eye on you guys ! . . . . .We also had MARION FAWKES . . .; . . . . . . . . . . .- WORLD CUP CHAMPION – Eschborn 1979 – – + husband PETER our official TIMEKEEPER on hand to give extremely knowledgeable advice about Race Walking to the newcomers. Both could be caught sweeping up in the Village Hall Hours later . . . . . . . – Class Acts – . . . . . . . . . .we had a former 14.30 5km man / Centurion in Dave Evans (Lancs WC) , who masterminded the local promotional brief, plus Pat who also raced and then took control of the kitchen . it wasn’t China by all means . . . . . .but we’re back here in early November to try again / / / / . . . . step-son Mark for such practical help c/w photographic expertise and Grandson ( walker ) Paul age 11 – for helping to mark the course out beforehand. . . . . . . . .erm . . . . . . .phew 

Pauline Elliott (pictured) won 1st Prize for coming first in the novice event with a time of 46.09………. !!

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YRWC Village Walks League EVENT ONE   –  Dalton, North Yorkshire – 30th March 2014

YRWC Village Walks League EVENT ONE   -  Dalton, North Yorkshire - 30th March 2014

A very foggy Mothers Day morning oversaw humble beginnings for our new Village Walks League.

Sunday’s  initial event comprised a Category B 5km Race with an associated Fun Walk in aid of the Huckins Family Appeal, and took place in picturesque and practically traffic-free country lanes around the village of Dalton in scenic Teesdale. The one-lap undulating circuit had a minimum of turns, was well marshalled and signed, and all entrants were very appreciative of it as a course to race on.

With a finish line right outside the village hall, this circuit would, used solely,  prove very amenable for  5km, 10km and 10 Mile races. There is also a shorter lap that gives testing 1 Mile and 3km routes, and combined with the large lap would give even further distance options for Race Walking. The home-made soup and rolls after the event were also popular ! 

We were very honoured to have Adelle Huckins as our special guest; the great support from her, Mum Carol and family, ably backed up by a number of Couplands, meant that we achieved a total of 23 participants for the Fun Walk, (including one entrant with four legs and a tail). We were also most impressed with Dexter Huckins, all of three years old,  who completed the whole lap with a radiant smile (see photos), and certainly enjoyed his chocolate cake afterwards.

Even better was the sum of £232 raised for the Huckins Appeal !

Very Well Done by all, and news of the next promotion will be announced shortly . . . . .. 


NARWA Soup & Roll League 1          
30-Mar-14             Pts
1 5km 30:16 Dave Evans Lancashie WC Sen M 18.5
2 5km 33:20 Pat Evans Lancashie WC Sen M 17.5
3 5km 35:53 Trevor Taylor Redcar RWC Sen M 14.5
4 5km 38:53 Marion Fawkes Redcar RWC Sen F 15
5 5km 45:15 Joan Taylor Redcar RWC Sen F 11
6 5km 63:59 Paul Atkinson Novice / Leeds U15 M 6
7 5km 64:03 Michelle Atkinson Novice / Leeds U15 M 6.5
8 5km 64:15 Ian Coupland Novice / Marske Sen M 5.5
9 5km 64:15 AN Coupland Novice / Marske Sen   5.5
10 5km 97:21 Kayleigh Huckins Novice / Marske U15 F 1
11 5km 97:23 Bethany Coupland Novice / Marske U15 F 1
12 5km 97:23 Joshua Huckins Novice / Marske U15 M 1
13 5km 97:50 Abbie Coupland Novice / Marske Sen F 1
14 5km 98:43 Mandy Coupland Novice / Marske U15 F 1
15 5km 98:43 Joseph Coupland Novice / Marske U15 M 1
16 5km 102:26 Dexter Huckins Novice / Marske U15 M 1
17 5km 102:26 Carol Marks Novice / Marske Sen F 1
18 5km 102:26 Adelle Huckins Novice / Marske Sen F 1
Official     Peter Fawkes Redcar RWC     1
Official     Mark Walsh Novice / Leeds     1
Official     Arthur Wilson Novice / Leeds     1
Judge     Linda McDermot Yorkshire RWC     1
Judge     Trevor McDermot Yorkshire RWC     1

See photos of the event in our gallery